Our Story

By now you most likely know about Kombucha, a lightly effervescent fermented drink; but if you're like me you've haven't always known how to create balance for optimum health. Having watched several family members pass away from cancer and illness, I felt like there was something missing. It seemed there had to be a better way. After what seemed an uphill battle wading through countless hours of research on chemicals, how to avoid toxic food additives, and after applying a little ingenuity; I finally had it. Handmade Kombucha was the key.

A probiotic nutritive brew that is not only safe enough for our whole family, but a product that could benefit the whole community. If you've been looking for that 'something different' that makes all the difference, here you have it. The passion we share for taking our health to the next level is rooted in a love and attention that comes from the inside. Breaking from the old, poor digestive habits and starting a new is now easier than I ever imagined, especially with products like this one becoming more readily available. Driven from vision to design, to a brew fine like wine... Osceola Brewing Company has created our special blend of Kombucha with folks just like you in mind.

Secret family growing and brewing techniques passed down for generations, now passed along to you through this brew. With carefully selected herbs and pre-biotic formulations, this transformative healing elixir is bound to improve your digestive health. Constantly striving for the highest quality ingredients and ever improving brewing methods, our products are guaranteed to tease the tongue and pleasure the palette all while improving your health from deep within. Embracing this nutritional renaissance, and the rise of the educated consumer, I am happy to welcome you to Osceola Brewing Company.